Quality Policy

Quality, health, safety and environment policy 

 The TRA strives to achieve due standards of QHSE, through management of its energy consumption, controlling waste generation, prevention of pollution and prevention of injuries/accidents and/or ill-health.  The QHSE standards is followed in internal as well as customer centric processes. 

Employee responsibilities

  • Employees shall participate in any QHSE related events including any emergency mock-drills;
  • Immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors or QHSE representatives and
  • Not take risks that could affect the environment and/or their own or other persons´ occupational health and safety.
  • Employees shall be responsible for energy, water and paper consumption

QHSE Policy Control and Review

The TRA shall communicate the QHSE policy to every employee and display it in prominent locations. The TRA shall bring the QHSE policy to the attention of any external party associated with the TRA such as its customers, sub-contractors/vendors/suppliers and visitors, as required and to any other interested parties including members of the public. The TRA shall review the QHSE policy annually.