The team presents its plan for spreading security awareness in the Islamic World during its participation in OIC-CERT  
aeCERT has the first and fastest response to cyber incidents among response teams in the Islamic World.  
aeCERT reviews the steps to address the risks of information security at the RSA conference in Abu Dhabi  
aeCERT Participates in Sharjah International Children's Film Festival  
TRA participates in The FireEye Cyber Defense Live 2017  

Security Alerts

  • Growth of Malicious PDF Files

    Attacks targeting vulnerabilities in .pdf files have increased tremendously.

  • Generic Phishing

    Phishing is a form of social engineering where the attacker pretends to be someone.

  • Targeted Attack Using Social Networking websites

    A large real estate firm has reported an incident of being a victim of a targeted attack.

  • Privileges and Sandboxie

    Recent study from BeyondTrust found that 64% of Windows vulnerabilities last year.



  • Top Malware Collection

    The figure shows the top malware infections captured by the aeCERT intelligence system during this month. The figure demonstrate the malwares which most frequently infected by the attacker to the targeted machine.

  • Top Infected City

    Following figure shows distribution of malware infections in UAE’s internet space captured through various threat intelligence sources.



  • Advance Notification of Zero day vulnerability – Microsoft Internet Explorer MS15-093

    It has been brought to our attention that there is a vulnerability in the mentioned Internet Explorer versions above that targets users viewing a specially crafted website and then the attacker...

  • Advanced Notification of Cyber Threat – Angler Exploit Kit

    aeCERT has researched and found out about a new threat called the Angler Exploit Kit which is the successor of the Blackhole Exploit kit that was stopped in 2013 after the arrest of the creator.

  • Recommendation of ISP Level Port Blocking for DDoS Prevention

    aeCERT has noticed over the last few months, there has been a plethora of DDoS attacks, which all have similar malicious behaviour. Most of these attacks use vulnerable protocols that can be used...

  • Recommendation of Windows OpenType Front Driver Vulnerability

    aeCERT has noticed that there is a new critical vulnerability associated with the latest Adobe Type Manager Library. A buffer overflow in a file called “atmfd.dll” ...

  • Advance Notification of Cyber Threats Linux/Mumblehard

    It has been brought to our attention that there is a family of Linux malware called Mumblehard that has been hiding for nearly five years. Mumblehard is divided into two parts ...


Be Informed