Existing Registrants:

Registrars are your first point of contact. They provide customer service and advice for all Registrants, including complaints and dispute resolution process. Should the Registrar be unable to answer the Registrants questions in a timely fashion, the issue may be escalated to the .aeDA.

Registrars have links clearly displayed on their website to the .aeDA’s Policy. Registrars ensure that the .aeDA’s policy is correctly applied at the time of registration and renewal.

Transfer to another Registrar:

Current Registrant have the choice to transfer his or her registered domain name to another .aeDA Accredited Registrar at any time during the domain valid registration period. The new Registrar will initiate the transfer upon receiving the auth-code from the Registrant.

New Registrants:

Registrants that register their domain name are required to confirm their acceptance to all the .aeDA’s policies at the time of registration, and again at the time of renewal.

The registration process is offered by most .aeDA Registrars through an online application form and depending on the type of domain name that you are requesting, the registration process may take minutes before your .ae domain name is registered and provisioned on the Domain Name System (DNS).

Pricing and Service Offerings:

The cost of .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names registrations and renewals varies. Increased competition within the marketplace, brought about by the .aeDA Accredited Registrars, ensures Registrants are provided with a choice of domain name provider.

Each Accredited Registrar provides a variety of services such as web hosting and email forwarding along with domain name registration. Registrants can choose a registrar based on prices and value added services that best suit them.

The .aeDA is offering .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names to Registrars at a standard price; it is the decision of the Registrar what price they charge Registrants for their service.