• Registrars

    A Registrar is the entity that is accredited by the .aeDA to act on behalf of registrants to register, transfer, renew or modify .ae and/or ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names in the Registry. Registrars provide services to applicants to register and maintain domain names in the Registry System, provide registration information update services for registrants, and are entitled to charge Registrants for these services.

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  • Registrants

    Registrars are your first point of contact. They provide customer service and advice for all Registrants, including complaints and dispute resolution process. Should the Registrar be unable to answer the Registrants questions in a timely fashion, the issue may be escalated to the .aeDA.

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  • Accredited Registrars

    To register .ae or امارات. domain name you first need to and contact one of our accredited registrar. .ae and امارات. accredited registrar is an organization authorized to register and manage domain names on behalf of registrants such as you. In other words, a registrar holds the right to register a domain name. Authorization to be a registrar of .ae is granted by the .aeDA after strict criteria is met.

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