Quality Policy

Quality, health, safety and environment policy 

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is an independent Federal Government entity entrusted to oversee the Telecommunications and ICT (Information Communication Technology) sector in the UAE. The objectives of the TRA include: ensuring adequacy and enhancement of Telecom and ICT services throughout the UAE; establishing and implementing a regulatory framework; and promoting the UAE as a regional ICT hub. The TRA shall strive to enhance quality of its services; promote E-Government; protect consumer interests; raise public awareness; encourage investment; innovate and facilitate growth in the Telecom and ICT sector. The TRA shall also promote and protect the interests of UAE Telecom and ICT sector at national, regional and international forums. The TRA shall strive to excel in all aspects of its operations. The TRA shall strive for achieving due standards of QHSE in all internal as well as customer centric processes. The TRA is committed to comply with applicable compliance obligations including and not limited to federal laws and regulations issued from time to time. The TRA shall strive to protect environment and ensure occupational health and safety by management of its energy consumption, controlling waste generation, prevention of pollution and prevention of injuries/accidents and/or ill-health as part of its responsibilities towards its employees and society at large. The TRA shall deliver these commitments through implementation of best practices and continually improving the performance of the QHSE management system

Employee responsibilities

The TRA shall ensure that all employees are aware of and play their role in the successful implementation of the QHSE management system; Employees shall participate in any QHSE related events including any emergency mock-drills; immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors or QHSE representatives and not take risks that could affect the environment and/or their own or other persons’ occupational health and safety. Employees shall be responsible for energy, water and paper consumption.

QHSE Policy Control and Review

The TRA shall ensure that the QHSE policy be communicated, understood and applied within the organization to every employee and display it in prominent locations as required. The TRA shall bring the QHSE policy to the attention of any external party associated with the TRA such as its customers, external providers and visitors, as required and to any other interested parties including members of the public. The TRA shall review the QHSE policy annually.

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