Betha Scholarship Program

ICT fund has launched its initiative Betha (Arabic for Scholarship) to enhance the stature and role of the national education sector by supporting and sponsoring scientifically distinguished students to boost the education process in the UAE in al scientific majors that are based on the UAE needs. The initiative comes as a by-product of the growing demand for UAE national human resources specialized in the telecoms sector and related fields.

Role of ICT fund

The ICT fund invested vastly in school seats for bachelor and master’s degrees in the most prestigious universities in the UAE and around the world. The program aims to attract 1,000 students over the next few years in order to support scientifically distinguished national talents in domain related to the telecommunications and information technology sector. “Betha” is part of the ICT fund strategy for enabling a generation of Emirati male and female students specialized in telecommunication and information technology, including computer engineering, electronic engineering and computer science.

ICT Fund Partners

NameWebsiteContact Number
University of Sharjah

+9712 6413999
American University of Sharjah

+9712 4018136
The American University in Dubai

+9712 9166810
The scholarship Co-ordination Office

+9714 3183178
Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai

+9714 3712019
The American University of Ras Al Khaimah

+9716 5151016
Khalifa University of Science and Technology & Research

+9716 5050718
The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute)

+9717 2210500
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic

+9712 6951079
United Arab Emirates University

+9713 7136671 
University of Dubai

+9714 5566872
The British University in Dubai (BUiD)

+9713 2791429