Reviewing the Telecommunication Consumer Protection Regulations


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About the subject

On 30 January 2014, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued the first version of Consumer Protection Regulations. Since then, TRA’s Regulatory Affairs Department has addressed issues sent by customers, particularly those that are not settled via direct communication with the service providers.

TRA worked to achieve satisfaction of all parties according to the laws and regulations. At the same time, the TRA’s concerned team made notes to update the existing regulations to provide radical solutions for all issues. Accordingly, the Consumer Protection Regulations was updated again in 2015. The Systems include many provisions concerned with ensuring the protection of the telecommunications sector clients which starts with providing adequate and clear information before signing the contract, and the protection of consumer rights after signing the contract. The systems also include obliging licensees to provide a brief explanation of the most important terms and conditions, in addition, to provide a clear and complete copy of the contract, as well as, to strengthen the principle of transparency between the service provider and the consumer. However, TRA continues to receive complaints from customers. And hence is again considering the revisions of the regulations.

Share your thoughts

In the light of such complaints, TRA invites you to share as many ideas and proposals as you can on the specific points to be included in the regulations so that consumer rights can be guaranteed and telecom companies provide better services.


What you can expect

TRA gather all feedback and consider every point carefully to study its utility and impact and how it can be adopted. TRA will inform about the progress of this consultation through its official channels.

Therefore, the expected result of this advice is a new version of the consumer protection systems document, which includes provisions proposed by the participants themselves. 

Read the current version of the Consumer Protection Regulations