preparing the customer guide for the program ERTEQA


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ERTEQA is a unique national worldwide program that was launched by Telecommunications Regularity Authority to categorize service provider customer care centers. It aims to enhance customer happiness in dealing with the service centers, and to boost the competitiveness among telecommunication service providers in the country. 


Goals of the program:

The program aims to achieve the following: 

•    Evaluate customer service centers

•     Standardize service standards in the customer service centers

•    Ensure coordination of the services provided by telecommunications service providers

•    Enhance the happiness of customers in the service centers

•    Encourage and enhance competitiveness among telecommunications service providers



Expected effect of the program

•    Happiness of the customers at the customer service centers in the telecommunications sector in the country

•    Highlight the distinguished service centers, to help customers make their choice

•    Enable customers to have the best telecommunications services in the country

•    Make the telecommunications services providers aware of their performance in regards to customer service

•    Create new services to facilitate the provided telecommunications services in the country 


Survey participation

After the launch of its early stages at the beginning of 2017, TRA intends to develop the instruction guide of this program, to help service centers develop its service facilities for the public, hence, achieve the 5 stars rating.  In this regard, TRA wishes to hear from customers about the provisions that can be included in the instruction guide of the initiative. Therefore, TRA launched a survey to the public which includes a set of questions that can help find out people’s opinions about ERTEQA and the providers’ services, and the provisions and points that can be part of the instruction guide. 


Expected decisions upon the advice:

TRA will work on the analysis of the participant’s views in the survey and will come up with recommendations that will be submitted to TRA concerned departments for consultation and guidance.  And because there are relevant parties in this matter, which are the service providers, TRA will present the provisions within its direct consultation with the service providers. Ultimately, TRA will present the instruction guide for the program and will circulate it to the service prviders and their centers. The guide will be available for public viewing on the TRA official website.