Aeronautical Radio Systems Regulations v2.0 issued by the TRA in March 2016


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In keeping with its values of transparency and sector engagement, the TRA wishes to review and study the impact of regulatory instruments issued by it to keep abreast of developments to better involve all stakeholders. The TRA strives to meet the needs of the sector and seeks the views and feedback from the sector for the revision of the regulations. The purpose of this document is to invite comments from stakeholders regarding the TRA’s intention to revise and update TRA Regulations on Aeronautical Radio Systems V 2.0 (Issued on 17th March 2016) in accordance with the Telecom Law. 
Stakeholders who wish to respond to this consultation should do so in writing to the TRA on or before the response date stated on the front cover of this document. 
The comments which are contained in any response to this consultation should be clearly identified with respect to the specific question in this consultation to which such comments refer. Any comments which are of a general nature and not in response to a particular question should be clearly identified as such. 
Responses to this consultation should be made in writing and provided electronically in MS Word format and Adobe PDF format, on or before the response date, which is 02 November 2017
Responses must be accompanied by the full contacts details (contact name, e-mail address and phone and fax numbers) of the respondent to
Executive Director Spectrum Affairs 
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority 
P.O. Box 26662 
Abu Dhabi, UAE 
Respondents are advised that it will be the general intention of the TRA to publish in full the responses received to this consultation. Additionally, the TRA may, at its dis-cretion generate and publish a “Summary of Responses” document at the conclusion of this consultation. Accordingly, the Summary of Responses may include references to and citations (in whole or in part) of comments which have been received. The TRA recognises that certain responses may include commercially sensitive and confidential information which the respondent may not wish to be published. In the event that a response contains confidential information, it shall be the responsibility of the re-spondent to clearly mark any information which is considered to be of a confidential nature