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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched the TRA Academy, an online training platform that provides free interactive training courses on business, technology and soft skills. The Academy has provided services to trainees from more than 50 countries, using Arabic and English training materials. The courses were conducted by international trainers and specialists.

Moreover, the current conditions imposed by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) highlighted the importance of the platform in supporting the UAE’s directions to promote online work and distance education, as well as the need to increase the knowledge in modern technologies to overcome this phase and prepare for a future led by technology and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, TRA considered the necessity of developing TRA Academy and enriching it with online training and educational materials, with the current and future needs, in order to be prepared for any exceptional developments or circumstances, and to keep our lives and work unaffected by these challenges.

Share your ideas and suggestions

Your ideas and suggestions have a major role in the development of TRA Academy. We have no limits or restrictions on the development of this platform, and we consider your ideas an important source in developing and improving the Academy. Share with us the challenges you faced while browsing through the current platform, and aspects that need to be improved and developed. We also appreciate your suggestions for new educational courses that contribute to enhancing the academic content and meet the educational and training needs. The door is open for ideas regarding the look of the platform and its accessibility features, in addition to the specializations needed by the labor market, even the name of the academy itself is subject to change.

You can visit TRA Academy via the link

The Decision-making

We promise to take your ideas and suggestions into consideration, study them carefully, and work through them when developing the Academy. Based on your ideas, we will launch an entirely new platform that offers the best educational and training courses in the field of digital transformation and information technology, so that it is easy to reach, user friendly, rich, and capable of making a difference in developing the skills of trainees.

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