BroadBand Testing

  • What are the optional services available at TRA Customer Service Center to meet the needs of different categories of customers and improve their experience? View Close

    TRA Customer Happiness Center aims to enable TRA to manage the needs and requirements of its customers in accordance with the highest service standards through trained and skilled human resources as well as advanced systems and technologies. In addition, TRA seeks to enhance the experience of its customers from all segments of society and meet their needs when visiting the center, to make their experience successful, fast and happy.

    The main facilities available at the Customer Happiness Center are:

    • Free visitors parking, with the allocation of parking for people of determination and pregnant women.
    • Facilities for people of determination such as wheelchair and ramp access.
    • Waiting area for women and people of determination.
    • Priority System in service provision.
    • Wi-fi.
    • Business center equipped with PCs, tablets and printers.
    • ATM machine.
    • SmartPass kiosk.
    • Hospitality.
  • What is the “Broadband Performance Test” application used for? View Close

    This application provides an indication of the speed of your broadband connection that the service provider can guarantee down to its network by measuring the speed of Upload and Download, the Download speed determines the speed of receiving files from the Internet. The Upload speed determines the speed at which files are sent to the Internet. Note that the Download speed is usually higher than the Upload speed, and these speeds are referred to as kilobits per second and megabits per second.

    When I access the test page, there is an error message stating that I need to I Adobe Flash installed View Close

    You can download Adobe Flash Player here.

    I already have Adobe Flash installed but I still get a message that I need Adobe Flash Player. View Close

    You need a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The newest version can be downloaded here.

    I already have done all the steps mentioned above but I still get an error when trying to use the application. What is the problem? View Close

    If you have a firewall or antivirus software installed that is not configured properly, then the application might not work. Try to disable the firewall/antivirus before using the application. After the test has been completed, do not forget to turn it back on so you stay protected.

    How does the broadband performance test application work? How exactly does it test the download / upload speed? View Close

    Download test

    A small binary file is downloaded from the web server to the client to estimate the connection speed.

    Based on this result, one of several file sizes is selected to be used for the real download test

    Samples are sorted by speed, and the fastest half is averaged to eliminate anomalies and determine the result

    Upload test

    A small amount of random data is generated in the client and sent to the web server to estimate the connection speed

    Based on this result, an appropriately sized set of randomly generated data is selected for upload

    Chunks are sorted by speed, and the fastest half is averaged to eliminate anomalies and determine the result.

    What does kbps and Mbps mean? View Close

    Kbps stands for kilobits per second and Mbps stand for Megabits per second. Note that 1 Mb has 1024 kilobits. Moreover, internet speeds can also be measured by Kbytes per second (KBps) where Kbyte = 8 Kbit. The results obtained from this application are displayed in kbps and Mbps which are the same metric that the licensees use to indicate the speeds of their packages.

    What is the ping test? View Close

    The ping test is the Round-trip latency measurement that is performed over HTTP. This test is performed by measuring the time it takes to get a response for an HTTP request sent to the licensee´s servers.

    How accurate is the application? View Close

    The application was designed to give as much accurate results as possible. However, PC configuration, usage of home wireless router, other connected devices you might be using while testing your connection, as well as some external factors can affect the results obtained. 

    Moreover, try to test your connection speed multiple times at different timings to make sure that the results are as accurate as possible and follow the guidelines stipulated below under the questions "How can I accelerate my internet connection?" for accurate results.

    What is my current broadband package? View Close

    You can contact your broadband service provider for information about your current broadband package.

    How can I save or share my results? View Close

    The application provides you with a link to share the results after taking the test in case you want to refer to it later. You can also take a screenshot.

    Why do I get good results from the application while I´m still having a bad internet surfing experience? View Close

    The actual speed you experience day-to-day depends on many factors; most of them are out of the Internet Service Provider control, such in this case. Some of these factors are:

    • The congestion in the internet: varies considerably during the day, depending on how many users are active in various parts of the world. If your data travels through a part of the internet that is congested, you will experience slow speeds.  
    • The capability of individual websites: is the most likely to affect the speed of your internet surfing experience. If the website or game server you are visiting is overloaded with a large number of users, it will send data slowly to your computer. As the number of visitors to a specific server is different, you will experience different speeds at different times.

    Why do I sometimes get different results when I run the test application? View Close

    The variations of the factors mentioned in the answer to the question “Why do I sometimes get different results when I run the test application?“ can result in obtaining different results each time you run the application.

    How can I accelerate my internet connection? View Close

    There is no solution which can solve all the problems, because the reasons behind them can vary. However, by following the right steps mentioned below, you can make sure that the results obtained from the application are as accurate as possible:

    • Make sure that no other data connections may be performed at the same time with the speed test
    • If you have a home network with other users, please make sure that they do not use the connection during the speed test
    • Close all programs and browser windows that could use internet and therefore influence the result (e.g. e-mail client, messenger, file sharing, etc.)
    • If you use wireless internet, keep in mind, that the signal strength is very important for the achieved speed. So please place your laptop as close as possible to the access point so that you have an excellent signal. If you want very accurate test results, we recommend to use a cable connection
    • If you use an old network card or a DSL modem with an old firmware (which support e.g. only 10 Mbps), you will be slower than when using a faster broadband connection (e.g. with 16 Mbps). Here we recommend an upgrade of the firmware or a purchase of a new device.
    • In some special cases your firewall or antivirus software can reduce your internet speed. We recommend switching them off during the speed test and do not forget to activate after the test is completed.
    • We also recommend optimizing your setting of the operation system (especially Windows). There are very many possibilities to do it

    I have done all of the above, why is my internet connection slow? View Close

    There are a lot of factors that can affect the speed of your internet connection in a negative way. Most important are following:

    • Performance of your computer (e.g. slow hard drive, low memory)
    • Performance of your DSL modem/router
    • How well your operation system is optimized
    • Low signal strength when using wireless connection
    • Other data connections at the same time when performing our test (VoIP calls, IPTV)
    • Physical quality of your internet line
    • Temporary congestion or connectivity problems at the network of your internet provider.

    If you are unsatisfied with your results, kindly contact your service provider customer service.