TRA Podcast

As part of its responsibility in regulating the telecommunications sector and enabling digital transformation and cybersecurity, TRA is keen to provide useful information from national and international experts on various related topics.

TRA has developed this podcast to be an additional channel of communication to reach the widest possible segment of its customers. TRA Podcast can be accessed coming soon via Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify.

Tune-in weekly to TRA Podcast and keep up with the updates.


  1. Episode 8

    My career at TRA

    Nada Al Fardan, Manager of consumer affairs section speaks about her journey as an employee at TRA.
    Duration: 05:20 min Play
  2. Episode 7

    My career at TRA

    Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Leader of TRA Customer Happiness Centers speaks about his journey as an employee at TRA.
    Duration: 01:29 min Play
  3. Episode 6

    UAE Hackathon... Data for Happiness and...

    What does the word Hackathon mean? How is it organized? What are its outputs and goals? Presenting it, Amel Ismail - Senior specialist intelligent transformation planning in Development Department and UAE Hackathon Project Manager
    Duration: 08:14 min Play
  4. Episode 5

    Distance Learning

    Eng. Majid Almadhloum, Director of CoDI and member of the Innovation team in TRA
    Duration: 10:42 min Play
  5. Episode 3

    Cybersecurity is a topic that interests all of...

    Cybersecurity is a topic that interests all of us. It is not only technical, but social, educational and a daily life concern. How to protect our children as well as ourselves from the risks of cyberspace. Eng. Abdelaziz Al Zarooni from aeCERT presents the report on cybersecurity in the UAE federal entities for the first...
    Duration: 07:42 min Play
  6. Episode 2

    5G: Prospects and challenges - in Arabic

    In recent years, 5G has become an important title for many dialogues, research and future projects. Its importance stems from the fact that it is one of the necessary conditions for the development of a smart city based on the Internet of Things. What are the prospects for this technology? What are its risks and challenges?...
    Duration: 19:02 min Play
  7. Episode 1

    UAE 5G Conference - in Arabic

    Opening speech by H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General.
    Duration: 13:29 min Play