Press Release

TRA Participates in the Innovation Week with Several Initiatives

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) participates in the Innovation Week by launching several initiatives and projects that will be announced successively throughout the days of this national event, which will take place in all the emirates from 20 to 25 November 2016. These initiatives include providing a range of scholarships in collaboration with a number of leading educational institutions in the country to study specific programs, in addition to supporting a number of innovative ideas and solutions presented by TRA employees. 

The open-source project is one of the new projects. It includes several events in coordination with the Ministry of Education. The project events include the organization of a number of workshops and courses prepared by the open-source team in the Country, announcing the release of the open-source forum in the UAE, announcing the open-source award results in the Internet of Things (IoT) which witnessed the participation of more than 38 teams from 11 University in the Country.

In addition, a 360-degree audiovisual broadcasting of TRA events will be revealed during the innovation week. November 24 will mark the announcement of the IOT open-source contest in University of Sharjah where more than 38 teams participated from 11 universes across the UAE.

Moreover, the TRA has signed through ICT Fund, agreements with Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, the University of Sharjah, and the American University of Sharjah. The agreements include providing scholarships to a number of Emirati students. The projects presented by the employees included live broadcasts feature 360 Degrees that allow the public to follow TRA events, video and audio, directly through social media platforms using the latest technologies. TRA also organizes an interactive workshop with the public on the safe use of drones according to the laws and regulations of the General Civil Aviation Authority.

On this occasion, H.E Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said: ‘Education is remarkably important in our initiatives this year, as the total value of the provided scholarship exceeds 36 million Dhs. This directive goes in line with the vision of the UAE leadership, which gives education the highest importance as the key enabler and main factor in developing innovation skills through learning from the best experiences of the highly prestigious educational institutions in the world. TRA also provided support and sponsorship for several projects and initiatives presented by the employees, for the purpose of enhancing the innovation culture in the work environment. We are confident that the solutions developed by the employees have the best ability to meet the work requirements.’

H.E Al Mansoori added: ‘In order to spread the concept and culture of innovation on the Arab level, TRA continued its activities this week by honoring the young talents in the field of smart applications developments from all over the Arab world, through hosting the second edition of ALECSO Apps Award’

The TRA will present its initiatives to the public through special platforms, held on Monday and Tuesday in Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, and Thursday and Friday in Dubai Festival City Mall.