Press Release

Best m-Government Service Award focuses on emerging technologies at its sixth session

Nominations open until November 15

The Best m-Government Service Award announced that it will continue to receive nominations for its sixth session until November 15, and revealed that its categories have been developed to highlight the future of government services worldwide by focusing on emerging technologies and their positive impact on society.

The Award, which is being organized by the Prime Minister's Office in the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and The Future in cooperation with the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector, receives participations through, while winners will be honored during the seventh session of the World Government Summit in February 2019.

Developments at the Award's sixth session include seven categories: Innovative service, harnessing emerging technologies, data-driven applications, G2P, gamification, community empowerment, as well as the government-private sector partnership category.

In this respect, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Director General, said: "At this year's new session, the Best m-Government Service Award asserts its position as a key driver for innovation in the development of m-Government services that are suited to the age of Artificial Intelligence and the Smart City. The Award has, in previous sessions, helped motivate talented people and creative minds to deliver the best solutions and mobile applications, which have been positively reflected in accelerating the m-Transformation process and achieving the National Agenda of UAE Vision 2021".

Al Mansoori added: "Through the developments it has made to its categories this year, the Award reaffirms its ongoing contribution to consolidate a sustainable knowledge economy that keeps abreast of the latest developments in the world of smart devises and mobile phones. At its fourth session, the Award headed towards universality, and it continues today to follow the same approach, emphasizing the leading global role played by the UAE in all scientific and humanitarian fields.”

Bin Taliah: Complementarity of roles to serve society

H.E Mohammed Bin Taliah said , Assistant Director General of Government Services at the Prime Minister's Office in the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, affirmed the keenness of the Award to achieve complementarity of roles between government entities to ensure development of global services that improve the quality of society’s life and achieve the higher goals of the Government.

Bin Taliha added : that the world's major technological developments underscore the need for governments to develop their services and create new services that anticipate challenges ahead. The sixth Award session was designed to keep pace with these advances by developing its seven categories based on emerging technologies and the potential smart data offers for service design, allowing innovators to share their ideas for growth and sustainability and to create a new perspective on government services.

7 categories focusing on innovation, emerging technologies and data

In this context, the Award has developed its seven categories to include the “Innovative Service” category for mobile apps, offering innovative services through which a quantum leap has been made in the delivery of government services that positively affect society. As for the “Harnessing Emerging Technologies” category, it covers mobile apps that embrace the use and implementation of emerging technologies such as AI, VR, IoT, and Blockchain.

The "Data-Driven Applications" category is focused on mobile apps that stimulate the use and analysis of Big government Data in order to provide a better customer experience. The "Accessible Government” category focuses on a unified platform that combines government departments and services.

The “Gamification” category covers mobile apps that apply gamification techniques to encourage citizens (especially young citizens) to use government services more effectively.

This “Public Empowerment” category covers mobile apps that deliver public services driven by citizen feedback. This category includes apps that support access to various communities and the integration of various groups in society. As for the “Public-Private Partnership” category, this covers mobile apps developed by the private sector and/or NGOs in partnership with government entities to deliver efficient and effective public services, with the aim to achieve economic and social development.

The “Best m-Government Service Award”, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, aims to stimulate and encourage government entities to provide creative and innovative solutions via smartphone applications. It will also ensure around the clock access to government services that are easy, efficient and transparent to meet public needs and exceed their expectations.