Press Release

TRA organizes a lecture on security awareness

Entitled “We Are All Partners in Our Nation's Security”

The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) organized a staff security awareness lecture in cooperation with the «Al Ameen Service» entitled «We Are All Partners in Our Nation's Security» to strengthen the strategic partnership and spread security and national awareness among segments of society.

The lecture included a number of important themes and topics in order to explain the importance of involving citizens and residents in the process of maintaining the security and stability of society, encouraging individual initiative to deliver information that would protect the community from any harm, raising public awareness of the importance of information without underestimating any security information, and promoting a sense of collective responsibility for providing a safe future environment for our children.

Security awareness is a preventive approach countries should develop in the interest of security and stability. Security is a goal that concerns the community; it relates to all aspects of life and is not limited to an organization or group over another or to individuals over others, but is the responsibility of the entire nation. Therefore, informed plans should be made to achieve security, so as to maintain a safe and stable life for the community.

The lecture is organized to support the national awareness efforts in cooperation with partners in order to achieve all entities’ objectives and to safeguard members of society by raising security and national awareness that promotes loyalty to the UAE.

Lecturer Mr. Jamal Ahmed Al Awbud, Head of Performance Development of Al Ameen Service, touched on how to develop security awareness by being in the workplace and having leisure time, as well as the security risks surrounding the region and targeting the nation. The workshop also included some alerts during abuse cases to the UAE and its symbols, how to dispel rumors and preserve national unity.