Press Release

TRA Organizes the “Activation the Fourth Industrial Revolution Tools in Government Work” Program

To enhance the future skills of federal government employees

The training program (Activation the Fourth Industrial Revolution Tools in Government Work) started today, organized by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) as the main coordinator to achieve the national Online Service Index. The program aims to enable federal government employees to implement the tools and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and other topics that will be included in the program over the upcoming months. The first workshop of the program was attended by government services specialists, government strategy officials, human resources officers, and employees in the field of innovation, future foresight, advanced technologies, internet and government websites officials of a number of government entities.

This program is part of the national goal initiatives, the country's preparations for future and its foresight and shaping in line with the UAE visions and future goals. The program utilizes AI and blockchain in the workplace to reach the next step of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to fulfill the UAE's national, regional and global commitments to achieve the plan of transferring 50% of government transactions to the blockchain platform by 2021.

On this program, H.E, Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director General for the Telecommunication Sector in TRA, and OSI Executive Team Leader, said: “Talking about AI and Fourth Industrial Revolution is no longer a future foresight. Humanity has already entered this era, which is coming gradually evident, thus it is time to apply these new technologies in a practical and wide manner in our government work. The UAE's smart and speedy services require us to make the most of AI technologies, and adapt these technologies to contribute to the achievement of a competitive national economy based on knowledge, innovation and future technological applications that integrate physical, digital and dynamic technologies, in line with the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, launched by the UAE Government in September 2017”.

H.E. Al Housani emphasized that this program aims to fuel the flame of innovation and creativity among employees in the government sector, and encourage individuals to think of extraordinary solutions to the problems arising from the rapid developments. He said: “Through this program, we provide government employees with the necessary tools that enable them to benefit from the techniques of AI and blockchain in the development of government work, and to reach a more stimulating and productive work environment, which will have a significant impact on the development of work and achieving targets as well as the UAE visions and future goals.”

The program will cover two main topics: AI and blockchain, in addition to a number of sub-topics. The program will include an introduction to AI, the role of AI in the development of government services, the use of robots in government work, and the application of AI in human resources and finance. Additionally, the program will address the application of blockchain technologies in government operations and investment returns in the short and long term, solutions and tools available for the application of blockchain technologies in government work, and the challenges and solutions of this application.

Through the program, participants will learn how AI and blockchain technology can support government employees to save time, effort and resources, and how to use AI and blockchain in digital transactions, the role of these technologies in providing a double shield against cyberattacks, and raising the level of protection of data and information and thus contribute to the overall cyber security of the government,

Participants will also learn how blockchain contributes to reducing operational costs and speeding up decision-making, how to use both technologies combined to improve the speed of transfer of information and data and enable customers to interact better and faster with government entities.

The UAE Government launched the UAE Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy in September 2017. This Strategy is based on several key pillars, including “the human of the future” by improving the outcomes of the education sector based on advanced technology and science, in addition to adopting plans and strategies in the field of genomics, the genomic medical tourism through improving healthcare levels, developing personalized medical solutions and genomic medicines as needed, focusing on robotic healthcare, utilizing robotics and nanotechnology, to enhance the possibilities of providing remote health and surgical care services. Moreover, enhancing economic security through the adoption of a digital economy, digital transactions, achieving “Future Leadership” by investing in space research and enhancing the UAE position as a global platform for ambitious entities in the field of space studies, research, projects and investment.