Press Release

TRA Holds an Interactive Workshop on Cloud Services

With the participation of government entities

The Cloud Services team at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) held an interactive technical workshop attended by a number of federal entities, during which TRA presented several ways and means to benefit from the cloud services in its second version.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness about the importance of using cloud services in government entities, and its benefits to the public sector such as reducing financial and operational expenses, flexibility in matching business needs to suit demands, and increasing the focus on providing key services.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said: “Cloud Computing is one of the pillars of digital transformation enablement in the UAE. It contributes to the provision of a smart digital infrastructure that accommodates digital developments and enhances the country's global rankings in the ICT sector. Accordingly, and in line with the wise leadership directives, TRA cooperates with other government entities to make the UAE a regional hub for cloud computing, in order to achieve the UAE vision of achieving a digital knowledge based economy and society and achieving sustainable development based on efficient use of resources.”

H.E. Al Mansoori highlighted that this workshop reflects TRA’s commitment to raise awareness about the importance of optimal use of cloud services. He added: “Entities and companies that do not pursue a “cloud” environment policy will become scarce by 2020, and while the private sector has relied from the early stages on the cloud environment in its various forms, the government sector needs more work to optimize the economies of cloud computing.”

During the workshop, participants learned about the most important features of the cloud service provided by TRA through the “vCloud Director” platform, a leading cloud service platform used by the most famous cloud service providers in the world, to run and manage the successful cloud services business.

“vCloud Director” provides secure, efficient and flexible cloud resources for thousands of companies and IT teams around the world. The participants were also briefed on TRA’s secure, isolated and flexible virtual data centers, which are efficient and contribute to significant operational savings.

The workshop also provided participants with the advantage of practical training in the process of opening accounts and using the cloud service in terms of data control, store, protect and access.

TRA has launched the Federal Network (FedNet) in the UAE in 2014. FedNet provides a shared infrastructure for all government and federal entities that provides on-demand access to a unified base of configurable and adaptable computing resources. FedNet main objectives are to connect and secure integration between all federal government entities, and to provide continuous communication in an effective and safe way between these entities, by using a shared infrastructure and strengthening the channels of communication between the various federal entities in the UAE through a unified and secure technology infrastructure.