Press Release

TRA Hosts the OSI Executive Team Meeting

Reviewing the UAE Digital Report and Hackathon 2020

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) hosted the 23rd Meeting of the Executive Team of the Online Services Index, one of the indicators of the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda, in its Dubai office in the presence of the team members representing 11 federal and local government entities. The meeting is aimed at conducting an evaluation review of the standard initiatives launched by the OSI Executive Team, namely the UAE Hackathon, the interactive laboratory, and the digital transformation maturity.

The meeting reviewed the UAE Digital Report and the contribution of government entities in the process of digital transformation. It also reviewed the level of government entities contribution to the United Nations Public Service Awards 2020, deadline on November 27.

Commenting on this meeting, Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director General for the Information and E-Government Sector of TRA and the OSI Executive Team Leader, said: “In our last meeting for this year, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation review of all initiatives and projects put forward during the meetings that we held throughout this year. This review aims at evaluating the work, determining the percentage of achievement based on the plans already in place, identifying weaknesses and working to strengthen them in order to reach the target for this stage.”

Al Housani thanked the team members for their great efforts throughout the year and highlighted the need to continue working to reach the stated objectives. He added: “Today we are on the threshold of 2020, one year from 2021, the year set by the wise leadership to achieve the UAE vision and the National Agenda goals. This requires us to exert more efforts as a national OSI Executive Team, and to work to increase communication, coordination and cooperation between our entities, to increase the activation of smart services, which qualifies us to reach the first place in the OSI, a stated goal that is in line with the UAE vision 2021 and the objectives of the National Agenda.”

The participants discussed the training impact of the program of activating the tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which was launched by the Executive Team in the field of capacity building, drawing on the expertise of a group of international speakers hosted during the event. The participants discussed the best mechanism to implement the ideas discussed during the workshops.

A mechanism for the periodic review of the corporate portals of the government entities has been discussed in the meeting, in addition to the supporting portals that were developed with the aim of highlighting the UAE efforts in the areas of workers' rights, climate change and the environment, the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and the National Data Portal.

The meeting also included the establishment of an interactive laboratory to study the challenges facing the team and identify proper solutions, in addition to a brainstorming session on the challenges of Hackathon 2020 associated with Expo 2020. The upcoming Hackathon, held in conjunction with the Innovation Month, is set to revolve around Expo 2020 service and support.

The OSI Executive Team includes representatives of 11 federal and local government entities. Its priorities are to provide a sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure and work towards achieving the goals set at the global level. The team is working on the most important global trends in the e-government survey: bridging the digital divide, open data, promoting use, multi-channel services, interconnected government and e-participation.