Press Release

In Preparation for The UAE 5G Conference TRA Holds a Live Interactive Session via Twitter

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) held a live interactive digital meeting through its social media account on Twitter @UAETRA. H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, Deputy Director General for the Telecommunications Sector, and a number of managers and specialists at TRA spoke about the latest preparations for the UAE 5G Conference, which will be held in Dubai on December 8-9.

Speakers at the digital meeting responded to questions and comments on the most important developments related to the fifth generation technology (5G), the benefits that countries will gain because of the adoption of this technology, and its implications for society, institutions and individuals. They reviewed the UAE related plans and strategies. TRA received a large number of questions posed by media and the public about the impact of 5G on various economic, social and commercial sectors in the short and long term.

Commenting on this session, H.E. Majed Al Mesmar said: “We are keen to use all channels available to communicate with customers and media. We are implementing interactive meetings via Twitter and other social media channels as future forms of direct and live communication that meet the expectations of the media and answer pressing questions from different audiences.”

He added: “Certainly, the 5G will revolutionize the mechanisms of communication and interaction between institutions and individuals, and such meetings will be easier and more common in the future, as this technology provides a lot more speeds from our Internet today. Thanks to 5G, teleconferencing will be available to all institutions, saving time and effort and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, thus reflecting on the economy in terms of reducing crowding and pressure on infrastructure and transportation.”

H.E. Al Mesmar added: “From the very first moment of the launch of the 5G, there was much talk and rumors about its positive and negative effects, and the debate over the usefulness of this technology and the high costs of its adoption. All these issues and many others will be discussed and addressed by a group of the most important global experts in the field of economy, technology and communications. The UAE 5G Conference will create a clear and comprehensive picture of the 5G technology, and the significant gains that the UAE and the Arab countries can achieve from its implementation.''

During the digital meeting, which lasted for an hour, the most important points on the agenda of the UAE 5G Conference were discussed. The meeting witnessed a great interaction of media and followers. TRA received dozens of questions through the hashtag #AskTRA, which focused on the 5G and its difference from the 4G, its impact on various aspects of life, the timing of its implementation, the challenges facing the dissemination of these technologies and other questions that the speakers answered directly.

It is worth mentioning that TRA has already implemented a digital interactive meeting in June through its Twitter account UAETRA. Many TRA project managers participated in the session, during which they talked about the most important developments of TRA projects and relevant future visions. They responded to the followers questions about these projects.

These digital meetings are part of TRA's efforts towards digital transformation and the adoption of more effective modern methods of communication with its strategic partners and the public, in order to enhance participation and interaction for the development of services and policies.