Press Release

During the UAE 5G Conference TRA and Huawei Jointly Release 5G & IoT OpenLab in the United Arab Emirates

5G & IoT OpenLab aims to drive collaborative innovation throughout the UAE’s 5G & IoT ecosystem

During UAE 5G conference, the TRA and Huawei have released the TRA and Huawei 5G & IoT Joint OpenLab at Dubai. The 5G & IoT OpenLab aims to boost 5G & IoT services throughout the UAE, prompting innovation and collaboration across markets with the intention of creating an open ecosystem that will further ICT development across the country.

TRA and Huawei 5G & IoT Joint OpenLab will mainly focus on the enterprise market, including artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, fixed wireless access (FWA), CCTV, campus private line, and more. Consumer services, such as cloud gaming/VR, will also be a focus of the OpenLab.

5G development is accelerating at speeds beyond imagination, with roll-out imminent in markets across the UAE and the world at large. By introducing the 5G &IoT Joint OpenLab in the United Arab Emirates, we are providing the local ICT sector with a real 5G and IoT network environment in which partners can experience, innovate, and verify the latest 5G & IoT applications. This will contribute to the development and strengthening of the local ICT sector, enabling the introduction of next generation technology that will contribute to building a fully connected, intelligent world.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), said: “We welcome this TRA-Huawei joint initiative, as part of TRA’s openness to partnering with the private sector based on the fact that the burdens of the new digital age are greater than a single sector, therefore, all sectors must work together to develop the digital community. We at TRA, as we launch the 5G & IoT OpenLab in Dubai in partnership with Huawei, we assure that we will spare no effort to mobilize all energies and work hand in hand with government, academic and private companies to serve the community, spread awareness, build competencies, establish joint projects and implement future plans, to contribute in achieving the higher national goals, especially the UAE vision 2021, and beyond, in implementation of our wise leadership directives to work together to create a sustainable and happy future for society. I take this opportunity to invite other manufacturers to launch open labs that contribute to the culture of innovation and future foresight. We in the TRA are ready to collaborate in such fruitful projects ”

Wang Su, Vice President of Huawei Middle East marketing, said, “With the leading of UAE TRA, 5G & IoT OpenLab will be an important innovative cross-industry platform for operators, third parties and vertical industries in the United Arab Emirates. It will help all of them accessing latest 5G & IoT technology, understanding application scenarios, developing innovative services, and aggregating the 5G & IoT ecosystem for local market. The UAE digital society will be beneficial from this OpenLab and ecosystem building on top of it directly. Through the OpenLab platform, Huawei will work with customers and partners around the world to develop the best possible industry-specific solutions, enrich local ICT industry ecosystems, address challenges and future demands in line with local markets’ requirements, and keep driving customers to go digital.


Thee UAE 5G Conference, organized by TRA, with the participation of the most prominent officials and experts in this field, aims to discuss reality, prospects, challenges and opportunities related to 5G, through several sessions that discuss the most important issues related to 5G technologies and their potential impact on various aspects of economic, social, educational and commercial life.