Press Release

TRA Holds its Fifth Annual Retreat

Pursuing leadership and innovation

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) held its Fifth Annual Retreat under the theme “What is next?” on 11 March 2019, in addition to the Employees Annual Gathering on 12 March 2019, at the Saadiyat Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, in the present of H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, TRA Director General, Director General’s Deputies, departments directors, section managers, and TRA employees. H.E. the TRA Director General chaired the retreat activities and meetings, as well as the workshops and discussions. He also reviewed the plans for the future of UAE ICT sector with the participants.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori delivered the retreat opening speech, praising TRA’s excellence in various fields, especially the achievement of a leading position in Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award as well as several Prime Ministers Medals. He said: ‘This year, as we hold our retreat, we know that TRA has achieved excellence, which would not have been possible without your highly professional team work. You have proved to everyone that TRA has national cadres capable of developing this vital sector to serve the interests of the country, achieve its vision, and ensure happiness and well-being of the UAE community. You have proved that you are capable of achieving more, and this is what we expect from you for this year and beyond. Let us recall that H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum promised that in 2019 we will amaze the world.”

H.E. Al Mansoori highlighted TRA’s important role: “In TRA, we play a strategic role. We plan, develop and implement strategies. We play roles that impact the core of national directions such as cyber security, digital transformation, and telecom sector regulation.”

H.E. Al Mansoori emphasized that TRA enjoys the confidence of the government because of its achievements in the sector, he said: “TRA oversees major national projects such as Bashr, Mabrouk ma Yak, SmartPass, UAEpass, the Center of Digital Innovation (CoDi), the 5G and others, which requires training and qualifying national leaders with wide strategic vision.

From 2015 to 2018, TRA has achieved significant progress, with job satisfaction rising from 41% to 90%, employee engagement from 33% to 95%, job loyalty from 67% to 96%, and Customer satisfaction from 36% to 68%.  We achieved progress on the Online Services Index (OSI) reaching the sixth position globally, additionally; the UAE progressed from 43rd position to the second position globally in the Networked Readiness Index (NRI).”

The retreat has witnessed many serious discussions on the future challenges in the fields of leadership, excellence, the importance of each department, diversity of opinion, the manager-employee relation, change, innovation and the future culture, happiness, knowledge exchange, managers’ evaluation, and investment revenue. H.E. the Director General, his deputies, the directors and managers as well as the employees exchanged ideas and views that could contribute to the development of TRA work and maintain its exceptional creative work environment that was a key factor in TRA’s excellent achievements.

The retreat agenda included a lecture entitled "What is after excellence?" tackled the achievements of TRA that led to excellence, the next steps to maintain this level and achieve more excellent work, and how to overcome the future challenges, in order to ensure the continuation of excellence. The lecture addressed the tasks assigned to each sector of TRA in the next phase. For the telecommunications sector, the lecture highlighted the policy enforcement plan, the follow-up of regulatory policies, the future shaping plan, the emergency and crisis guide and plan, the implementation of global standards for laboratories and control systems, the development of the spectrum mechanism, the measurement of the impact of projects and their outputs. Regarding mGovernment Sector, the lecture highlighted the enablers measurement mechanisms, qualitative and innovative projects, the national indicators plan, the user experience lab, Deira system, the conversion of projects to services, the application of global standards, and the smart government services. The lectures and presentations also shed the light on the national cybersecurity strategy. In the Support Services Sector, reference was made to the HR systems, training, costing for operations and services, strategy and systems of happiness and wellbeing, supplier systems, marketing, value added services, and the corporate communication plan.

The retreat discussed the leadership program and the improvement plan that includes the sustainable corporate excellence initiative, the stakeholders' happiness surveys, evaluation reports, visits and conferences with the aim of enhancing institutional work and spreading the corporate culture to ensure development in service provision and innovation of unique services worldwide, Which supports the TRA's file in the next edition of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award.

In order to achieve the best results of the retreat, the employees were divided into teams according to TRA sectors (Telecommunications, Information and E-Government, Support Services, ICT Fund and TRA application). Each team conducted a self-assessment of the sector’s work, including reviewing the achievements of last year, new developments in the sector and their impact on the work progress, and the adoption of innovation and competitiveness in order to achieve excellence in developing innovative work plans and providing new and advanced services. The workshops also explained the new concept (Institutional development of services), which means engaging all TRA departments in the provision of services and new projects. These workshops are designed to prepare for future evaluations, which will be based on the principle of leadership. This principle is based on the evaluation of innovative and unique projects, and includes the identification and discussion of TRA projects of GITEX Technology Week.

The retreat concluded by reviewing the outputs of the teams, which included many suggestions, ideas and initiatives. The Support Services Sector launched the concept of ‘self- designed service’ as well as economic and environmental efficiency standards. The ICT Fund announced the Annual Strategic Meeting of the Fund's partners and linked funding to the achievement the UAE Vision 2021. The Telecommunication Sector reviewed the TRA platform that brings together TRA products and services.

The Annual Gathering was attended by all TRA employees, where the outputs of the retreat teams were reviewed. A number of presentations were presented on training and career path, the TRA new building, the career rotation initiative, the services development committee, international relations systems, institutional change initiative, Happiness and well-being, challenges and opportunities for improvement in TRA. The annual gathering ended with the announcement of the Charter of Excellence and the Director General Board of Advisors.