Press Release

TRA launches organizes Youth Week

Coinciding with the International Youth Day

The Youth Council of the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) organized a number of cultural and entertainment events as part of the Youth Week initiative, in conjunction with the International Youth Day on August 12th of each year. The Youth Week initiative comes under the context of TRA's efforts to enhance the role of youth in achieving UAE's visions and future goals, and aims to provide a nurturing environment for youth creativity.

Commenting on this initiative, H.E. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar Acting TRA Director General, said: “The Youth Week initiative aims to promote a culture of collaboration and positivity, encourage entrepreneurship and participation in various fields, highlight ideas for the future, and stimulate innovation and creativity. Our organizing of this event comes within UAE’s pursuit towards enabling the youth to lead sustainable development efforts and harness their energies in shaping the future we seek for our generations, contributing to promoting national identity and achieving the UAE's vision and aspirations of its wise leadership."

H.E. Majid Al Mesmar stressed that the UAE has reached a very advanced stage in terms of youth promotion, adding: "The importance of youth in the future of the UAE is reflected in the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai: governments cannot build a solid development for their people without genuine partnership with the youth. As such, we at the TRA and from the standpoint of our responsibility for one of the most important sectors in the future, namely, the ICT sector, leading of the digital transformation process and entering the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), are confident that our goals can only be achieved by the determination of youth capable of dealing with today’s challenges and leading development processes in line with the Emirati society, and which would ultimately bring happiness and well-being to all citizens, residents and visitors of the UAE."

On his part, Marwan Al Humeiri, Chairman of TRA’s  Youth Council, pointed out the importance of the role played by TRA’s Youth Council in empowering young people to be able to take on responsibilities, innovate and contribute to the well-being of UAE society as well as achieving a sustainable future for the country, he also added: “The TRA Youth Council presents initiatives and programs that reflect the aspirations and ideas of TRA youth. It also celebrates the achievements of young pioneers in all areas, supports and encourages them to improve the lives of others by enabling them to participate in social responsibility activities. The Youth Council is keen to devise plans and programs geared towards attracting younger national talent, and encouraging the youth to innovate and develop their leadership and management skills.”

The TRA is keen to launch initiatives and projects that would stimulate creative thinking among young people and open doors for them to unleash their potentials in various real-time topics including science and innovation in cybersecurity, smart cities and infrastructure.

The TRA has already launched many youth initiatives such as the ‘Interactive Youth Lab’, aiming at activating the role of youth and investing in their creative potential in discovering and finding solutions and ideas that contribute to the development of government initiatives and the work of the mGovernment sector. Another such initiative is ‘Seeds for the Future’, a learning and training initiative that provides students with a competitive platform to bring their innovative ICT ideas and projects to the forefront and allow them to transform their ideas into effective products and tangible realities through support from program partners.

The TRA also launches the annual UAE Hackathon: Data for Happiness”, held in the Seven Emirates in collaboration with national universities, local e-governments and private sector companies, where hundreds of young men and women compete to develop solutions to current and future challenges based on open data analysis.