Press Release

The OSI Executive Team Discusses the Issuance of The National Digital Transformation Report

In its 24th Meeting

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) hosted the 24th Meeting of the National Executive Team for Online Services Index, one of the indicators of the National Agenda for UAE Vision 2021, at its Dubai office, with the participation of representatives of 12 federal and local government entities.

The meeting aims to follow up on the plans achievement progress of the teams and government entities through the Deira system, a platform to monitor the plans progress, and follow up on the most important recommendations of the United Nations evaluation of official government portals. The meeting also aimed to introduce the initiative of the National Digital Transformation Report.

On this meeting, H.E. Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director General of the Information and e-Government Sector, and Chairman of the OSI Team, said: “In addition to reviewing the achievement level of government teams and entities through Deira platform, developed by TRA, the agenda of the meeting focused on highlighting the UAE's efforts in the global arena in the field of digital transformation in terms of indicators, projects and achievements in which the country has achieved impressive results. This is part of UAE’s efforts in competing for top positions in smart services, and therefore the competition takes on deeper dimensions, as it relates to pioneering, innovation, future foresight, regional and global influence and the need to become a role model in the areas of digital transformation.”

Al Housani assured that the Team’s regular meetings accelerate the pace of target achievement. He said: “Our meeting today, as well as our previous meetings, are in line with the directives of our wise leadership to work as one national team in order to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 and the goals of the national agenda, to make the UAE the first globally in OSI.  We are working today as a team at the level of all government entities to reach top ranks in smart services.”

The participants discussed the recommendations of the UN evaluation of the official portals, which included the interest in the smooth and consistent operation of the web pages. The UN assessment also included the availability of e-consultation practice where each consultation must include (subject, objective and decision-making). They also discussed ways to promote the new UAE Government Portal ( domain, ensure that the search option works efficiently and effectively, and ensure that the open data page contains CSV or XML files and enriched the pages.

The meeting focused on introducing the National Digital Transformation Report, which aims to shed light on the most important achievements of the digital transformation in the country, highlighting the country's leadership and global competitiveness in the field of digital transformation, and the country’s efforts in combining global leadership in the relevant indicators with the achievement of local goals, foremost among them is the happiness of the UAE society.

The meeting dealt with the methodology of preparing the National Digital Transformation Report, which included reviewing the performance indicators of the national agenda, providing a list of performance indicators for digital transformation (objective/ achievement) and providing a list of achievements, which includes success stories of digital transformation in each entity.

The importance of this report is that it will be used as a source of information that highlights the UAE's leadership in digital government at the United Nations and other relevant departments. It will be used in international forums, conferences and major events to highlight the efforts and leadership of the country. The report will also be published on the official portal of the UAE Government, with links to websites of government entities as a reference for researchers, media and interested.

The OSI Executive Team includes representatives from 11 federal and local government entities. Its priorities are to provide a sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure and work towards achieving the goals set at the global level. The team is working on the most important global trends in the e-government survey: bridging the digital divide, open data, promoting use, multi-channel services, interconnected government and e-participation.