Press Release

TRA Awarded the Certified Innovation Organization by the Global Innovation Institute

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced that it has been awarded the Innovation Organization Certificate by the Global Innovation Institute, after achieving the internationally approved conditions in this field, which places TRA one step away from reaching innovation leadership.

TRA’s achievement of this certificate is a result of the great efforts made by TRA innovation team in recent months, which included training workshops, development meetings and procedures, as well as meetings with evaluators accredited by the institute.

The evaluation process assessed the innovation TRA’s strategy and policy, the innovation objectives and their alignment with the innovation policy, training workshops, innovative individuals, innovative ideas, the innovation process, and innovative projects during the last three years until the beginning of 2020. The evaluation process also included innovation financing, innovation budget, innovation organizational structure, and others among the topics related to adopting innovation in all operations, functions and services provided by TRA.

Commenting on this achievement, Mohammad Al Kitbi, Director of Administration Affairs and Innovation CEO in TRA said: “In line with the directives of the wise leadership to promote innovation and future foresight in all government entities, TRA is committed to implementing the highest standards of innovation, enhancing and promoting the culture of innovation in the institutional work environment, and empowering TRA employees in the field of innovation. TRA has been keen to transform innovation into a practice, culture and lifestyle. In this accelerating time, where developments are successive, innovation is no longer a need for growth, but rather a necessity for survival. Today we can say with confidence that survival is for those with innovative.”

Al Kitbi added: “Awarding TRA this certificate comes as an endorsement of its leadership in the field of innovation and future foresight. In TRA, we developed our plans and strategies for future foresight and innovation, in order to excel in one of the fastest developing sectors. Today, we focus on innovation, future foresight, and their requirements, and implement them through innovative plans, developed and implemented by our trained and highly qualified national cadres. Today, we are proud of what we have achieved as we are only one step away from reaching the leadership position in the field of innovation, which is the rank that will enable us to be evaluators of the level of innovation in various local, regional and global bodies.”

Through adoption of innovation, TRA aims to provide advanced and new ICT services to enhance the smart lifestyle in the UAE, develop ICT innovation competencies, and contribute to strengthening the UAE's position as an intellectual leader in the field of enabling innovation in the ICT sector.

TRA works according to a comprehensive methodology to enhance innovation in all sectors that fall within its responsibility. TRA has developed a special policy that serves 11 innovation-related topics: open data, VR technologies, Internet of things, smart city technologies, artificial intelligence, future generations of communications, cyber technologies, Arab digital technology, blockchain, robotics, and advanced data analysis.

The UAE has achieved leading positions in the Arab region in the Global Innovation Index 2019, as innovation is a component of the national pillars of the UAE Vision 2021, under the title United in Knowledge, which seeks to achieve a diversified and flexible knowledge economy led by skilled Emirati competencies, and reinforced by the best experiences to ensure long-term prosperity for the UAE and its people.