Press Release

TRA Participates in the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit 2020

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) participated in the 14th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, held under the slogan “It’s All About Smart Networking”, in the presence of ICT experts and consultants, representatives of telecommunications equipment manufacturers, telecommunication operators, government officials, content providers, cybersecurity and smart cities experts.

This year, the summit was held with a new twist as it was both physical and virtual, which allowed panelists to join the panel discussions in Dubai from anywhere in the world. The current summit focused on the main trends in the telecommunications sector such as 5G, cybersecurity, data traffic and digitization, and reviewed the latest innovative solutions related to digital transformation and sustainable development by ICT.

In his opening speech, H.E. Eng. Majed Al Mesmar, Deputy Director General for the Telecommunication Sector, congratulated the organizers of the summit for their success in holding the summit both physically and virtually. He added: “As experts and specialists in this field, we realize that the ICT sector is the basis and engine of development in various sectors, and it is at the heart of the global transformations represented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its various manifestations. We have seen that the ICT sector had a major role in helping people cope with the pandemic, and overcoming the difficult phase that humanity had experienced.”

H.E. Al Mesmar emphasized that the ICT sector has played a crucial role in enabling the UAE to overcome the repercussions of the pandemic. He added: “We succeeded in responding quickly by shifting towards remote work, distance learning and online shopping. The government also provided its services through digital means, and today we are transforming the experience into lessons for the future, and perhaps one of the most important lessons that humanity learned from this difficult experience is the important role of digital networking in business management in all fields.”

The summit discussed some of the main pillars of the ICT sector, such as new investment opportunities and leveraging emerging technologies to generate revenues. The summit also discussed global developments regarding the deployment of 5G, the effects of the current phase on the plans in place, the allocation of frequency bands, and the role of regulators in accelerating 5G deployment.

The speakers also discussed the process of digital transformation and the changes occurred due to COVID-19, while surveying the views of customers on their experience of digital transformation.

In a session entitled ‘Data-driven decision making’, the speakers discussed how to manage and invest data in light of the recent explosion of data traffic. The speakers also discussed recent challenges related to data that have emerged from the current situation.

The summit addressed the role of ICT working teams in overcoming current challenges, the role of emerging technologies in combating the pandemic, and the new era of technical developments.

The UAE was among the first countries in adopting digital transformation solutions to address the exceptional global circumstances, by facilitating distance learning and remote work, as well as promoting the safe use of online services through various media channels, and raising awareness among all segments of society.