Press Release

TRA obtains 4 certifications in customer happiness

The Customer Happiness Section at the TRA has obtained four certifications from the British Standards Institution (BSI), namely: ISO 10001 Customer Charter Management, ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management, ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Centers, and ISO 10003 Dispute Resolution.

 TRA’s obtaining of these certificates comes after the Customer Happiness Section underwent internal and external audits, which included TRA’s efforts in customer service and happiness, following up the mechanism for dealing with incoming complaints, and the extent to which the Customer Happiness Charter is applied. It was also due to the role of the call center in responding to customer inquiries and following up cases, in order to achieve customer happiness and satisfaction with services provided, while dealing with consumer dispute resolution cases, and the extent to which the Consumer Protection Regulations document is aligned with services provided by service providers, and having such document periodically updated in the interest of the customer.

Commenting on this achievement, Miss Hana Al Marri Manager Customer Happiness Section, in TRA said The TRA has given customer happiness top priority, as it is the ultimate goal of government action in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership. In this context, the TRA adopted best practices in the area of customer happiness, and trained its human cadres to provide best services. Consequently, the Customer Happiness Section obtained those certificates issued by the BSI as an addition to the outstanding record of the TRA in providing best services in realization of its goals aligned with UAE Vision 2021.”

The TRA confirmed that its electronic and smart channels are open around the clock to receive customer complaints and inquiries and respond to them at the earliest. The various TRA channels, be it through the call center or social media, have witnessed a significant increase in customer inquiries during the past period, where the relevant TRA teams have redoubled their efforts to forward such inquiries to the concerned for response.

The TRA is keen to apply best practices in the area of customer happiness in line with its commitment to the vision and guidance of the wise leadership in making happiness a lifestyle in the UAE and the ultimate objective of government action. It also reflects TRA’s commitment to the Customer Happiness Charter, which stipulates the provision of quick, easy and smart services to achieve customer happiness and contribute in building the UAE’s bright future.