Latest Statistics

The table below shows some of the most recently available industry statistics.

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Latest Statistics 2011-2017 PPT 180KB XLS   180KB 05/11/2017

Note: As per ITU recommendations, the TRA no longer reports internet users penetration per 100 inhabitants on a monthly basis. Individuals penetration of internet usage can be found in the TRA’s 2012 Consumer Survey publication entitled “ICT in the UAE – Household Survey 2012” and available at  INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY SURVEYS

[i] Includes ISDN Fixed Lines.

[ii] Includes active mobile subscriptions only.  “Active” is defined by any subscriber who has made or received a voice or video call in the preceding 90 days or has sent an SMS or MMS during that period.

[iii] Includes active dial-up subscribers only.  “Active” is defined by any subscriber who has accessed their dial-up internet account in the preceding 90 days.