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Suppliers registration allows the client to deal with TRA as a authorized supplier , and participate in all tenders , RFI and RFQ


  1. Click on Start Service and then login using your credential or create a new account
  2. Fill in application form and attach any required document
  3. Receive the registration approval


All suppliers licensed for commercial activity in the UAE


  • A copy of the business license issued by the Economic Department in addition to the partners’ extension
  • Chamber of Commerce license.
  • Brief introductory message about the supplier’s activities and previous experiences with evidence attachment
  • Banking details of the company and attach letter issued from the Bank.
  • Location Map of the company
  • Approved letter stating list of Authorized Signatories details
  • A copy of the company's certificate of membership between the supplier and supporting institutions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises if the company was a member of it.
  • Payment of the agreed fees at the Ministry of Finance with the receipt.

Service Fees

0 ِAED


  • E- Payment
  • E-Dirham
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque Deposi

Expected Time

3 working days


Manager of Contracts and Procurement Section.

Terms & Conditions

  • Companies with 51% or higher owned by UAE nationals and registered with the Ministry of Economy, municipalities and chambers of commerce in the UAE.
  • To be licensed to conduct business in the country
  • It should not be deprived from participating in tenders and practices by any federal Entity
  • Foreign companies own countries signed free trade agreements with the state based on the Ministerial Decree No. (278) for the year 2009
  • Should not be Federal contracted employees, and not to be relatives to the fourth degree, with any of the officials involved in contracting
  • Branches of free zone foreign private companies located within the borders of the UAE and outside the free zone.
  • Branches of computer software companies, technical, financial and administrative consulting offices and firms etc., with branches located within the borders of the UAE and registered with the Ministry of Economy in accordance with the resolution of the Minister of Economy No. (278) for 2009.
  • Payment the required fees to ministry of Finance.


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