Arabic Digital Content


  • The application will be screened for eligibility (applicant status, nationality requirements, etc.) and then evaluated across the different components – applicant details, technical proposal and commercial proposal.  Evaluation criteria will include applicant qualifications, technical feasibility, alignment of commercial proposal with technical proposal, among others.
  • The ICT Fund reserves the right to request for any clarification on the submitted information or seek any additional information. The ICT Fund also reserves the right to summarily reject an application for funding without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • At least quarter of the research team must be Emiratis.
  • The subject of research must only support Arabic language using within fields of telecommunications and information technology.
  • For applied research institutions, maximum share of funding is limited to 75% of budgeted expenses for academic and research institutions and 50% of budgeted expenses for companies.


Please download the application form (Available in Arabic only) , fill it and attach it while submiting the funding application from here