R&D Centers

The ICT Fund’s mandate is to back research and development centers in partnership with universities and research organizations as well as individual research projects in various universities in the UAE. The ICT Fund will invest in the setup of the physical infrastructure of applied research and development centers in academic institutions, research institutions, and local companies. This will support basic research and applied research and development initiatives with the goal of developing new cutting-edge ICT products, product enhancements and new services, all of which will benefit the economy of the UAE.

To further advance knowledge capital, the ICT Fund’s mandate is also to enable the development of entirely-new institutions dedicated to research and development. We aim to support the creation of high-quality research and development institutions in the UAE that focus on basic and applied research.

Creating avenues to inspire innovative thought will increase the momentum of the local ICT industry. This accelerated pace will deliver more results faster in order to reach an elevated status in the industry.

Criteria for R&D Institutions


  • Must be a legal entity (university, research institute or company)
  • Must have majority UAE ownership
  • Maximum duration of funding is 5 years
  • For basic research institutions, maximum share of funding is limited to 75% of budgeted expenses
  • For applied research institutions, maximum share of funding is limited to 75% of budgeted expenses for academic and research institutions and 50% of budgeted expenses for companies

Evaluation criteria

  • Funding will be provided to both basic and applied R&D institutions within the ICT area of focus
  • Applicants will be evaluated on the degree to which their proposal is likely to directly benefit the UAE ICT sector
  • Key factors for consideration are UAE representation and linkage, applicant qualifications and committed third party support
  • Technical proposals will be evaluated on completeness and output feasibility. For applied research, commercialisation feasibility will also be considered
  • Commercial proposals will be evaluated on completeness and correctness, as well as alignment with technical proposal

Please download the application form , fill it and attach it while submiting the funding application from here