Seeds of the Future  
TRA signs agreement with Scholarships Office to fund education  
ICT Fund offers educational scholarships for Emirati students and graduates through “Betha Program”   Read More
TRA signs agreement with Scholarships Office to fund education worth AED 37 million for 15 students  
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority signs agreement to fund American University of Ras Al Khaimah’s information and innovation center - Read more

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  • Scholarships

    The ICT Fund seeks to strengthen the technological education of Emiratis by introducing “Betha program” for...

  • Undergraduate Projects

    The ICT development Fund provides financial support to undergraduate students enrolled in ICT related...

  • Educational Institutions

    ICT Fund establishes relationships with educational institutions around the UAE to enable them to provide...

  • R&D Projects

    The ICT Fund provides grants to research and development projects which it believes have an added value to...

  • R&D Centers

    The ICT Fund’s mandate is to back research and development centers in partnership with universities and...

  • Incubatees (Start-ups)

    The ICT Fund enables and supports the Incubatees through funding and providing state-of-the-art equipment...

  • Incubators

    Criteria for incubation Centers - Must be a legal entity (university, research institute or company)

  • National ICT Projects

    ICT fund provides funding for National Interest Projects declared by UAE’s Distinguished Government...

  • Arabic Digital Content

    The application will be screened for eligibility (applicant status, nationality requirements, etc.)...


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