UAE National Observatory

National Observatory

UAE National Observatory

The “UAE National Observatory” ’s main strategic objectives are advancing and facilitating scientific research in astronomy and astrophysics in the UAE, promoting a solid astronomical base in the UAE, encouraging scientific literacy and enhancing the UAE nationals’ interest in this area.

Moreover, the project aims to promote scientific knowledge, provide educational programs and general awareness, promote astronomy and space science in the community as a valuable field of study, and enrich the professional experience of researchers in the UAE in the field of education and Astronomy.

Furthermore, the project supports the academic and research efforts through communication and explorations that will be held at the “UAE National Observatory”, in addition to holding national and international conferences to facilitate the exchange of scientific information and promoting cooperation with other research centers, as well as supporting the development of national science curriculum in space exploration and research in collaboration with the concerned universities.

This project is one of the TRA’s initiatives funded by ICT Fund.


Investment Type: National ICT Project

Investment Size: N/A

Investment Date: 2013 – Date