Press Release

TRA Launches an Integrated Strategy for Training and Developing Employees’ Competencies and Capacities

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched its integrated strategic plan to develop the employees’ competencies and improve their capacities in various fields of TRA’s work, in light of the rapid developments of the ICT sector, as one of the fastest growing sectors nowadays. This is in line with the TRA leading approach, in accordance with the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership, and in order to achieve the TRA’s strategy in improving the quality of provided services in the UAE ICT sector, enhancing competitiveness and sustainability, and  ensuring the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency. 


The new strategy comprises enabling the employees to use modern and innovative tools and mechanisms, improve their functionality based on periodic evaluation results, in order to keep pace with the rapid developments in the ICT field, the best practices and various administrative and technical skills, which fall within the scope of TRA work and responsibility. Furthermore, the strategy is based on a sophisticated scientific method that supports the leadership and happiness approach adopted by the UAE, and ensures its continuity through qualified national cadres capable of innovation and accomplishment.  


H.E. Saeed Al Suwaidi, TRA Deputy Director General for Support Services, assured that continuous and enhanced global leadership in various fields requires an integrated strategy that supports constant development and pursues the latest updates in the sector, to identify all the developments, and utilize them in the innovation and creativity approach of the country. This would contribute in achieving the vision of our wise leadership in global leadership, as well as the happiness in the country, through excellent services, to place the UAE among the best and most developed countries in the world, through the sharp vision of our leadership in investing in the human capital as the only guarantee for continuous and enhanced leadership.


In turn, Ahmad Al Falasi, Senior Manager of the Human Capital Department in TRA, said: “Training courses are developed and selected after careful considerations of the employees’ needs through regular surveys. Based on the results, we develop training and development courses in cooperation with leading experts in the field. Since the launch of the strategy in the first quarter of 2017, we have held 104 training courses, in which more than 68% of the employees have participated.”


Al Falasi clarified: “The new strategy comprises a major improvement in the implementation mechanisms of the training courses. They are more consistent and in line with the comprehensive development plan of TRA. We are also using the latest technologies reached worldwide to achieve the best results.”


The new strategy includes a new methodology in preparation and topic selection, in addition to the organization of the training courses depending on specialization, accumulated knowledge structure and the best technical international development. The training courses include various functional capabilities, related to customer service, completion of administrative transactions, in addition to various technical and sensitive fields that fall within the responsibilities of TRA in the protection of the country’s cyber space and in achieving the UAE’s leadership in ICT sector.


In addition to the technical and administrative skills, the new strategy enhances personal skills and supports the development of new rational based on initiative and creativity in problem solving, management change programs, planning and strategy, presentation skills, negotiation skills, customer happiness and customer relation skills, innovation concepts, as well as time management, social intelligence, teamwork and team spirit courses.